New Release from Park Place Publications
The Traveling Soup Pot
— A Savory Journey Through Many Lands
by Mary Chamberlin -
foreword by Michel A. Escoffier
Walking for our Lives
by Donna Rankin Love -
When Donna was 58 she began walking 5000 miles for peace. Walking for our Lives is a memoir that illuminates her passion as a peacemaker and how her involvement in the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament and two other peace marches in the US and Soviet Union changed her life and the lives of others. Donna leads workshops on memoir writing and has published three books in the four years since she turned 80. Her mantra remains “anything in life is possible; one person can make a difference."

Bring the world to your table!
• Over 100 delectable soups from 25 countries
• Easy-to-follow recipes from a culinary expert’s special collection
• Gourmet soups for every taste and budget
Soup, the original comfort food, is a thousand-year-old fare with universal appeal.

Now Mary Chamberlin brings you the authentic tastes of regional soups in easy-to-follow recipes that will fill your kitchen with the flavors, aromas and sensuous colors of distant lands . . . from the Caribbean, Italy, Greece, France, Sweden, China . . . and beyond.

From sumptuous to spicy to spectacular, Mary’s recipes have been gathered from cozy cafes, busy bistros, 3-star restaurants – and even the home kitchens of renowned chefs. The Traveling Soup Pot brings adventure, romance and the touch of a passionate gourmand to your everyday meals.

Mary has created what she calls her “Happy Recipes” for your delight, in the same way she serves her wonderful soups – with love.
Dinner in Blue Hawaii?
Supper on the Left Bank?
Midnight meal in Madrid?

...Make a Difference in Your World!

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